Monday, January 31, 2011

"is my nose cold?"

today, my car was being stupid. it acts like it wants to start REALLY bad and then it gives up on me. i was pretty flustered, let me tell you. yeah... still flustered. i waited forever [not really for real forever. like a solid fifteen minutes] for my dad after school to come and try to figure it out. it did the same crap after lunch when i visited him, so he was surprised that i was acting up again. when it did that at his school, we just thought it was because it was super duper low on gas. so then i got it to smithy's and and put a whoppin' $10 in it, and it ran fine. and then i tried to start it after school, and it just wouldnt. if it were a small child, it'd definitely be in time out for being naughty and disobeying me.

i started school today. not even "high school" school. its BIG KID school. its "college school" and its terrifying. i dont know where anything is, and everyone there is older than me and an avid smoker. WAY older than me. like they all had a mid-life crisis, and decided going back to school would fix it,[well i guess it must, since everyone there is an old fart. maybe they just look like old farts because they all smoke a TON. firr rill] THAT kind of old. just go buy your harley's guys. come on. have a normal mid-life crisis.

after school today, erin and i went to conoco to get our after school refreshments, and when we came home alex saw erin's flamin hot cheetos and funyuns and said "I WANT HOT STUFF!" cute right? yeah, he's adorable. today they [they being gunder and alex] took their shirts off and ran around like crazy people, alex had a snorkle and gunder had his nerf gun. must be nice to be small, and have fun. where the biggest annoyance you have is having to help a three year old find his shoes and socks. or having to help clean up the toys you left on the floor. i cant wait to see what kind of mom i am. i bet i'll yell alot.

im making rice. its pretty fantastic. i cant wait for some soy sauce. SOY SAUCE YUM! its like liquid salt [: yuuuummmmy. see? i'll be a plenty good mom. i can make rice, top ramen, and cup noodles! and sandwiches, but those are mostly a pain in the butt. too much effort in making a sandwich. i hardly ever make sandwiches.

my mountain the dew is all gone and melty. that makes me flustered too. i just want nothing but unlimited dew. i'd be set for life. i have mountain dew flavored chapstick, betcha didnt know that.

valentines day sucks. erin and i are gonna be grumpy and wear sweats. i just decided that, she doesnt know that that's the plan yet. but it is. and now its set in stone because i wrote it down. its official. totally official. like facebook official. now THAT is pretty official.

okay im done now
love you
k bye

When Nina makes wHite rice....

Alright, so Nina is making some rice, and she keeps yelling in spanish.... and thats really funny, now she's marching around singing "I can't find the rice, I can't find the rice, but I did find it, i just had to look around for it woo-hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo." her words not mine. Oh, and she sounded like Britney Spears. Woah, Crazy NOT MEXICAN woman. =] Haha. My goodness, she's funny. We are looking for rainboots, we really want to get some cute ones... So, keep an eye out for deals....

So, today, I went to school, I have a chest cold or something. It hurts like crazy. Ughghghghghghghghghgh. I complain a lot. I know, but honestly I have reason I swear.  I don't know.... I don't really notice until I take a step back.... and then I'm like wow. 

SO, Valentines day, I hate it, make it go away. It has to be the worst day of the year for me. It gives me panic attacks. I JUST KNOW that something bad is going to happen, I know it. It all started out with Joey Parent in 3rd grade.... I bought him a lovely box'o'chocolates and he threw them away cause some other 3rd grade skank bag bought him a "better" one. Yeah, it wasn't better. Promise. Since then my v-days has just sucked. terribly. Why is this even a holiday? I don't see a point at all.  Not at all. 

Alright, bye. See ya, Okay, bye. Love you, bye. =] 

Erin Jeannicole McMaurer

***** Sorry I said SKANK************

Sunday, January 16, 2011

sunday nights are dark and gloomy

today i didnt get out of bed until almost three. and then i had to clean the mess i made of my room during my meltdown. i've had more diet mountain dew today than i have in most. we made orange julius tonight, with ashlee the loveridger. she's cute.

my family's pretty great.

i've got great friends too.

last night was the first time i've cried in...a looong time. and it felt damn good. nothing takes pressure off like crying. [i wish i could cry more than i do. funny thing to wish for huh? i thought so]. i put my skullcandy on and listened to my music loud, and just cried. there isnt a better method of therapy out there [except maybe actual therapy], mark my words.

im excited to start being an adult. i want a job. i want to move out [not because i dont like my family but because i want to grow up.] i want to clean my own house, i want to have to. not because im told to.

i ran into a laundry basket with my toes and now they tingle and i think they might be bleeding[its a much more serious injury than you'd think]. i have a food baby full of liquids which is sure to become a pee baby. good thing monday isnt really monday tomorrow. i mean technically it is. but not really. [thanks to mlk, and no that doesnt stand for milk].

wouldnt it suck to be spok? he's got nothing going for him except brilliance and a SERIOUS lack of personality and emotion. he's ugly and has funky eyebrows. poor kid. he's never been liked. if only his dad had married a fellow vulcon and not a human whore. man...what a shame. maybe next time kiddo.

all in all, i had a fairly decent weekend. thanks to jordan, his date, hunter, my dear erin, and randell. we're a pretty funny group of kids. im glad they put up with me. pretty dang glad.

thanks for the memories, even if they werent so great.
-nina mcfly.


So, my sunday was going great, Grams felt good enough to go to all three meetings, its the first time in a long time she has been well enough to do that. I thought she was going to be tuckered out fast by the way she was jumping around before....

I made it home, and decided to take a nap, I had a really stressful dream and it woke me up, and then I started thinking about Jon, and how upset I am with him, and everything he does. He's immature, and selfish.... UGH! I just want to slap him in the face, I can't even explain how bugged I am allllll the time by him. 

I've made a lot of REALLY good decions lately. and I feel like everyone but him is proud of me, I feel like he just wants to bring me down and make me feel worthless, cause thats how he feels.... Nothing I have to say to him makes him see his actions, and I cannot put myself through this anymore, no matter how hard I hold on to him, he just pulls away... and it hurts, because he has hooks in me, and every step he takes away he pulls those hooks, and it hurts.... I glued my feet to the ground as to not follow him down his hole.... Now I must wait.

Mumford and Sons, Blue October, The Killers, and Kings of Leon are my favorite bands..... I'm a very musical person, I speak through music... I always have, I just understand it. Nina too, and Its been hard to listen to it because everything reminds me of him, or my dad, and those are two open wounds for me....... I don't think I have much to say..... anymore... so bye.

Yes sir, yes sir, yes it was me. I know what I've done, cause I know what I've seen.
-Erin Jean 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nina-"erin, what's 'red' spelled backwards?" Erin-"...dead?!"

sometimes, we watch scary movies in fifteen minute clips on youtube. sometimes, we dye our hair, and if things get really crazy...we take naps. and when we're feeling especially rebellious, we drink caffeinated soda and draw on each other while we eat hot pockets.

i dont know anyone who gets bailed on by ugly and semi-decent looking boys as much as the two of us. so, rather than hanging out with them[because they bailed on us], we succumbed to watching "the day after tomorrow", all the while  commenting constantly about how cute we think Jake Gyllenhaal is.

we had a classy dinner last night, consisting of tv dinner fettuccine alfredo, and  sauteed shrimp. we read about Natalie Portman, and Brangalina's seventh kid[because i insisted on buying a vogue and a people magazine. how else are we supposed to catch up on all the celebrity drama?].

me-"how many kids can you freaking have until your uterus breaks??"
erin-"nina, she's adopted all but like..two of them"

we transferred to the delinquent school. but not because we're delinquents. its because we're behind on credits and in danger of not graduating. what a pair right? we plan on going to the ATC to become medical office administrative people. pretty much all that means is that we'll sit behind desks in scrubs and file things and type stuff really fast. and look cute. but you already knew that we do that quite well.

i talked erin into doing the dishes, and she was happy to do them because her grandpa doesn't let her do them at home. she said she misses doing them..? so i told her she's welcome to come to my house and do them all the time. but my mom said i have to dry them and put them away. i'll probably go do that. like
Nina McFly.

Hi, Erin here... my nose is running so bad right now. My W.W.J.D bracelet is all wet from doing dishes, oh how I love the smell of dish soap... 

Mark was talking about moving, and when he brought it up I said "Can I have my own room?" and everyone laughed.

I drink a lot of dr.peper lately, and maybe that's why my kidneys bleed... I do not know. 

Do you know what its like to get dumped? Pretty great, I get to spend all my time with Nina, and do the things we like to do. =] Like eat, and watch movies, and wish that ugly guys wouldn't bail on us. 

Oh well, too bad, so stinking sad. 
So, Nina talks in her sleep, its cute, and she's really warm and I'm always cold so she's like my personal heater, 'cept we always have cold toes. 

I'm so motivated for school right now, I cannot wait, mostly cause we have a really long weekend, and I like those. =] Well, this is Erin Mcfly, signing out, SEE YA!