Sunday, January 16, 2011

sunday nights are dark and gloomy

today i didnt get out of bed until almost three. and then i had to clean the mess i made of my room during my meltdown. i've had more diet mountain dew today than i have in most. we made orange julius tonight, with ashlee the loveridger. she's cute.

my family's pretty great.

i've got great friends too.

last night was the first time i've cried in...a looong time. and it felt damn good. nothing takes pressure off like crying. [i wish i could cry more than i do. funny thing to wish for huh? i thought so]. i put my skullcandy on and listened to my music loud, and just cried. there isnt a better method of therapy out there [except maybe actual therapy], mark my words.

im excited to start being an adult. i want a job. i want to move out [not because i dont like my family but because i want to grow up.] i want to clean my own house, i want to have to. not because im told to.

i ran into a laundry basket with my toes and now they tingle and i think they might be bleeding[its a much more serious injury than you'd think]. i have a food baby full of liquids which is sure to become a pee baby. good thing monday isnt really monday tomorrow. i mean technically it is. but not really. [thanks to mlk, and no that doesnt stand for milk].

wouldnt it suck to be spok? he's got nothing going for him except brilliance and a SERIOUS lack of personality and emotion. he's ugly and has funky eyebrows. poor kid. he's never been liked. if only his dad had married a fellow vulcon and not a human whore. man...what a shame. maybe next time kiddo.

all in all, i had a fairly decent weekend. thanks to jordan, his date, hunter, my dear erin, and randell. we're a pretty funny group of kids. im glad they put up with me. pretty dang glad.

thanks for the memories, even if they werent so great.
-nina mcfly.

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