Monday, January 31, 2011

"is my nose cold?"

today, my car was being stupid. it acts like it wants to start REALLY bad and then it gives up on me. i was pretty flustered, let me tell you. yeah... still flustered. i waited forever [not really for real forever. like a solid fifteen minutes] for my dad after school to come and try to figure it out. it did the same crap after lunch when i visited him, so he was surprised that i was acting up again. when it did that at his school, we just thought it was because it was super duper low on gas. so then i got it to smithy's and and put a whoppin' $10 in it, and it ran fine. and then i tried to start it after school, and it just wouldnt. if it were a small child, it'd definitely be in time out for being naughty and disobeying me.

i started school today. not even "high school" school. its BIG KID school. its "college school" and its terrifying. i dont know where anything is, and everyone there is older than me and an avid smoker. WAY older than me. like they all had a mid-life crisis, and decided going back to school would fix it,[well i guess it must, since everyone there is an old fart. maybe they just look like old farts because they all smoke a TON. firr rill] THAT kind of old. just go buy your harley's guys. come on. have a normal mid-life crisis.

after school today, erin and i went to conoco to get our after school refreshments, and when we came home alex saw erin's flamin hot cheetos and funyuns and said "I WANT HOT STUFF!" cute right? yeah, he's adorable. today they [they being gunder and alex] took their shirts off and ran around like crazy people, alex had a snorkle and gunder had his nerf gun. must be nice to be small, and have fun. where the biggest annoyance you have is having to help a three year old find his shoes and socks. or having to help clean up the toys you left on the floor. i cant wait to see what kind of mom i am. i bet i'll yell alot.

im making rice. its pretty fantastic. i cant wait for some soy sauce. SOY SAUCE YUM! its like liquid salt [: yuuuummmmy. see? i'll be a plenty good mom. i can make rice, top ramen, and cup noodles! and sandwiches, but those are mostly a pain in the butt. too much effort in making a sandwich. i hardly ever make sandwiches.

my mountain the dew is all gone and melty. that makes me flustered too. i just want nothing but unlimited dew. i'd be set for life. i have mountain dew flavored chapstick, betcha didnt know that.

valentines day sucks. erin and i are gonna be grumpy and wear sweats. i just decided that, she doesnt know that that's the plan yet. but it is. and now its set in stone because i wrote it down. its official. totally official. like facebook official. now THAT is pretty official.

okay im done now
love you
k bye

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