Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nina-"erin, what's 'red' spelled backwards?" Erin-"...dead?!"

sometimes, we watch scary movies in fifteen minute clips on youtube. sometimes, we dye our hair, and if things get really crazy...we take naps. and when we're feeling especially rebellious, we drink caffeinated soda and draw on each other while we eat hot pockets.

i dont know anyone who gets bailed on by ugly and semi-decent looking boys as much as the two of us. so, rather than hanging out with them[because they bailed on us], we succumbed to watching "the day after tomorrow", all the while  commenting constantly about how cute we think Jake Gyllenhaal is.

we had a classy dinner last night, consisting of tv dinner fettuccine alfredo, and  sauteed shrimp. we read about Natalie Portman, and Brangalina's seventh kid[because i insisted on buying a vogue and a people magazine. how else are we supposed to catch up on all the celebrity drama?].

me-"how many kids can you freaking have until your uterus breaks??"
erin-"nina, she's adopted all but like..two of them"

we transferred to the delinquent school. but not because we're delinquents. its because we're behind on credits and in danger of not graduating. what a pair right? we plan on going to the ATC to become medical office administrative people. pretty much all that means is that we'll sit behind desks in scrubs and file things and type stuff really fast. and look cute. but you already knew that we do that quite well.

i talked erin into doing the dishes, and she was happy to do them because her grandpa doesn't let her do them at home. she said she misses doing them..? so i told her she's welcome to come to my house and do them all the time. but my mom said i have to dry them and put them away. i'll probably go do that. like
Nina McFly.

Hi, Erin here... my nose is running so bad right now. My W.W.J.D bracelet is all wet from doing dishes, oh how I love the smell of dish soap... 

Mark was talking about moving, and when he brought it up I said "Can I have my own room?" and everyone laughed.

I drink a lot of dr.peper lately, and maybe that's why my kidneys bleed... I do not know. 

Do you know what its like to get dumped? Pretty great, I get to spend all my time with Nina, and do the things we like to do. =] Like eat, and watch movies, and wish that ugly guys wouldn't bail on us. 

Oh well, too bad, so stinking sad. 
So, Nina talks in her sleep, its cute, and she's really warm and I'm always cold so she's like my personal heater, 'cept we always have cold toes. 

I'm so motivated for school right now, I cannot wait, mostly cause we have a really long weekend, and I like those. =] Well, this is Erin Mcfly, signing out, SEE YA!

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  1. why do I cry when I read your words, I love u
    I love her too because you love her. i am sorry you hurt so much. I don't believe Dr. pepper would make your kidneys/bladder bleed go to the Dr/ please.